Group Updates

6/5/2024: Evelyn wins the 2024 Library Research Award for Undergraduates Population Health Award for her research in "Tandem Dechlorination and Hydrogenolysis of Waste PVC Plastic into Value added Chemicals"

5/23/2024: Julia receives the WE Rise Outstanding Scholar Award from the UW Women in Science and Engineering!

4/9/2024: Julie is featured on the PodCat podcast. Check it out on Spotify.

12/18/2023: Julie is featured in UW College of Engineering News, "The art of early engineering education." Check out the article here!

11/20/2023: Julia is awarded the Jane and Joseph McCarthy Award for Excellence in Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Teaching! This is the department's premier graduate teaching recognition, awarded annually for impactful teaching achievement. Congratulations Julia!

10/22/2023: Julie is interviewed on the STARTS podcast. You can listen to the episode on Spotify.

10/3/2023: Julie is quoted in Scientific American and Chemistry World.

10/2/2023: Julie is named one of AIChE's 35 Under 35 Young Trailblazers.

9/26/2023: Maddie is selected as a CEI Graduate Fellow! Congratulations Maddie!

9/1/2023: The lab welcomes Dr. Chris Torres, Clean Energy Institute Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow! 

7/2/2023: Julia's review paper, "Hydrogen-free catalytic depolymerization of waste polyolefins at mild temperatures" is published in Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

5/26/23: Julie is guest editor for special issue on Consumer Waste Valorization in the journal Communications Engineering. 

4/20/23: Dr. Chris Torres is selected as a CEI Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow, joining the group in Fall 2023!

1/1/2023: Group welcomes undergraduate researchers, Daven and Evelyn!

1/1/2023: Group welcomes 1st PhD Students, Julia and Maddie!

1/1/2023: The Group Begins!